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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Saturday, September 12, 2020

red fruit Friday

 a little Dragon fruit  appeared  on a stalk last week in the area that  all the Night Blooming Cereus  tangle and climb and show there silky flowers for only a short time. This is the second go round for these rain forest cacti this summer but the first time getting a fruit.

When you cut it in half this is what a common variety looks like. The taste is sorta like kiwi and green grape sorta. hard to nail down and very subtle

here it is on the leggy stem  with thorns

                                          The little buds, the four of them, look to me like
                                                             tiny brussell sprouts!

a blossom today 

These tiny cherry tomatoes are Finally  turning red and will be picked and used today and savored!
 I started the plants from  the seeds from  the plum tomatoes gone soft  purchased from  Costco
last spring.
be well, see weller, sonja

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