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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Friday, July 27, 2012

after the fair is over...

Everything here is mine, said Noodles.

after the fair is over is a grand time for a cat nap.
This quilt did not get finished because as you see, Noodles has occupied my work in progress.
cats do that.

A July evening sky

I brought my camera  along,  alas i never took it out at the fair.
we had a constant flow of trade winds and visitors and shoppers.
 endless conversations of art and color and laughter,
 always laughter!
 little bits of the shading acacia tree flowers floating  in looking like little eyelashes.
and music filled the air.
 Mahalo to all who stopped to say HI and all who shopped my art fabric booth.

i am resting up a bit this week from all that going on.
in a hammock
with a lemonade and a book

Mango stars quilt

Yesterday a customer came out to pick up a quilt she fell in love with last weekend. at HAF
 i  took a few pictures of it before it left .the quilt was all the colors i paint and sew and quilt and sew some more. i also made a little pillow case from some of my hand painted yardage  to put the quilt in as it is a gift for grand baby that is coming early next year.
Congrats to all!
doing a grateful happy dance
happy summer!