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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

end of march madness and a string theory

Well, this is a board full of coasters drying in the sun inspired by the berries that form on this palm tree in the colors of all seasons. This paint session  is Autumn and Xmas colors to me. After I sew up a batch of  fabric coasters, I  spray them with water and begin index finger painting the dots  with textile paints until i am happy with  the way colors look to me.

below is the palm tree of inspiration.
Inspiration is Everywhere all around us

  i am a nature nut and go about taking photos of what I see that moves me.
i call this tree "summer fall winter spring" as sometimes berry clusters on the tree show me  color signs of all the seasons at once. When i was a kid there was a princess Summerfall Winterspring on the Howdy Doody show with that name. That name Stuck with me.
 Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Now,  how i play sometimes  with strings of my painted fabrics is to 
first to arrange them in a pleasing manner, a strata of sorts.
Of course any fabric you have and like works . 
I happen to have a wealth of painted cloth.

Then I sew them on a base fabric and trim.

i did a bit of wavy sewing on topside  and you can see on the back of the  waffle like cloth

I will make a composition book cover later.
Then i might do some quilting and hand stitching as well.
It all depends on mood and the materials at hand.
That is my theory.

I find often the composition uses all the colors and recalls a sunset or sunrise.
 Nature is most grand!
When the notebook is full it can be refitted  with a fresh one.
Be well, SEE well, Sonja