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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Saturday, October 19, 2013

circle revisited

"Circle Heat"  33''x 33'' 
by Sonja Hagemann  2013
I started this quilt with circles of color in mind.
 a shape that I return to time and time again, especially as  just finished one
 that was composed of many many squares. 
 I painted up a batch, perhaps a dozen circles, from center outwards on pieces of
fabric about 10 inches square.
 then I  sliced the  circles in half and rearranged them

 in a manner that pleased me
I played around with placement until I got a harmonious combo before joining blocks together.  this above photo also shows possible boarders and binding  materials.
 I have a flannel covered stretch canvas so I can place quilt parts on it  
and step away to see if  I like arrangement.
sometimes walking back into a room,  at glance I can tell  that I need to
 move things about or away.
I painted circles on the fabric that was to become the back of this quilt.
(more circles !)
this shows the free motion quilting  done on my Bernina 830 Record.
(Ruby is inspecting the Bernina and a painted fabric .)
shows both sides now with back flipped over onto front.
 I have  often thought of my quilts as two sided and for decades have painted or joined up orphaned blocks or a combination of  to create a backing.
Why not have the fun of  surprise and choice!
  the completed "Circle Heat" quilt.
It has been hot this summer/fall and my colors and quilting repeat those
waves of warmth.
 I hope you enjoyed my short version of my journey of composing a circle quilt,
surely it is not the last.
be well, Sonja

I am linking  this post up to ninamarie's off the wall Friday
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