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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmouse to all and a good night!

Mmmmm, tasty morsels said Ruby the cat......

These cookies were brought to me by a friend who had all of us in stitches.
 i shared them with those who we partied and feasted with this holiday season. 
Thank you Pat for spreading good cheer with you creative arts!
and i watched as an acquaintance bite one of these tasty morsels in half
with the tail still to go!
May you all
                       be well, see well and taste all the fine flavor of the season!
aloha, Sonja

Thursday, December 11, 2014

are you getting ready?

Christmas is coming
 and some of us are getting ready to gift by making things of wonder.
i wonder why i sometimes get ideas so late in the year. i still have some things i started in a Christmas past that i am putting on finishing touches,
 perhaps ideas that had not fully hatched until now.

 Each year for the past 16 years i have given/sent out invitations to my studio to those who have purchased my work along the way, at Haleiwa Arts Festival and other local venues. It goes out by snail mail. hand written hand made like the ornaments i fashion all year long.

i made a painted  fabric cat ornament for a friend's granddaughter.
She gets an ornament each year that mom or daughter or she  picks out. this is based on a black and white cat.. i hope i was able to channel what the cat looks like
all though i can't recall the name of this cat.
 ...we shall see!

Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom just in the nick of time!

 The angel  below
is a re purposed flag from a friend that keeps me in faded glory flags.
 i love this one as the stars are embroidered and old lace looks at home with the faded cotton. 
Mz Liberty has a flannel snowman ornie tucked  up under her arm.
Long may she wave!

the last willie melt snowman pin hand carved by DH is painted 
 wears the other end of the torn strip of RWB fabric.
it is the last one  until i can convince him to make another.  

excuse the blurry  "bullet"  Santas below
 that are standing in tennis shoes while they dry and then go on to the next step
 getting ballast in bottoms before  more paint and then gluing them on a slice of trees from past trees.
This sight  made me laugh as i found shoes a handy way to keep these dudes upright
 while i watched paint dry. 

the recent full moon set.time to get up and greet the day!

What are you finishing up beside that cold cup o coffee?
be well, see well,

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thankful for giving

i am grateful for sunsets 
 for all the small details nature shows me daily
  when i pay attention between sunsets.
some times i carry a camera to remind me of what i have noticed recently. a tidbit of the essence that slowed me down in the first place to take a picture.
i am grateful for paint and muslin, bolts of it and that i am comfortable with a paintbrush in my hand.
grateful for friends, clients that become friends and the people i have not yet met but will meet through the work i do, the color i ad to fabric and grateful for the ideas that come pell mell to me to transform the cloth into something that was not here before. i am  grateful many times daily for smart hands and good air to breathe and eyes that take it all through brand new eyeglasses of increased strength. i recall friends i have known and am grateful to shared the air with them; some are missing and some are gone.  i am grateful for the art pals i have made the last 8 years that share and support imagination and  whose amazing pieces,small treasures really, land in my mailbox doing so make me happy and the post office a more colorful place if just for the moment. 
be well, see well,
aloha, Sonja 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby the cat posing in the yard on chair arm with  black orchids.
she must investigate all that goes on in the yard when she is not snoozing somewhere.
These  orchids are in bloom July, August, and still in September and are a native of the Philippines. They smell like honey to me. 

 trichoglottis brachiata
they attach to the mock orange tree and put out roots that twine around the branches.

these  amazing orchids have been in bloom almost 3 months.
I inhale sweetness of nature daily and water them as well if there is not rain.
they really are more  ruby or Merlot in color to me.

Last week i had that hankering for sauerkraut.
But the can i had in pantry had to be returned to the market as it had started to leak,
the metal was somehow compromised so i was actually smelling it when i passed that cabinet.
While at Food Land
i spotted a colorful red cabbage which i brought home recalling that recently i had seen
 a lovely blog that had a recipe for it with beautiful photos as well.
here is another link

it is really so easy peasey because i waited about seven days, i opened my jewel of a jar and heard the fermentation sealed air pop. i took a forks worth and raised it to my mouth only to find that
 i had salted it way too much!

Washed, chopped, bruised, salted, sealed
 and wait.

and wait and wait    

i will be making Ruby kraut again very soon,
 this time paying attention to get the proportions of salt to amount of cabbage used balanced.
Perhaps add some other veggies to the mix.
i also need to get new rubber gaskets for the mason jars i have.
Not all was lost, 
 i managed to rinse out the brine and am almost empty of jar at this point.
i really enjoy the crunchiness of my first batch of  homemade Ruby Kraut!
 perhaps i will make
another batch today as i may be pleasantly hooked.
(and they look so lovely waiting on the window sill)
be well
 and may your food be  tasty and colorful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Haleiwa Art Festival

Many Juried Visual Artists, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Cultural History Tours, Student Art, Art Demonstrations, Fabulous Food Vendors, and Children's Art Activities will all be featured. 
 Admission is FREE.
Celebrate the arts at the
Hale`iwa Beach Park
Saturday July 19  10 am to 6 pm 
Sunday July 20  10 am to 5 pm
If you arrive early Saturday morning , you will be treated to 
bagpipers strolling through the grounds!
my booth  is  #115 
near the water, first aid, and info tents
at the front of the festival,
where we are very colorful !
aloha, Sonja

Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh the fair, HI HO, the Haleiwa Arts Festival 2014!

With only a month to go (or less) before the big white tents are up
at  the Haleiwa Arts Festival
July 19 and 20
artisans fill them with the colors and ideas of our imaginations for you to see and touch and consider,
the studios are humming. mine sure is.
  I am finishing up a few requests as well as new works.
There is always a quilt that needs finishing, that final hand sewing that has been
saved for quiet time in a chair under a shady tree.
 On sunny days,
I am painting up fabrics for my projects and always have some to share at the fair for those who see the possibilities in them .

here they are drying in the sun  on the lawn with my toes showing.
this is second drying of the  fabrics
after heat treating and washing and now shining on the line .
 See how the sun is shining through on the way to sunset on the piece on far right?
i love the surprises i get when i work with these humble fabrics and paint.

Haleiwa Beach Park is the fair site 
62-449 Kam Highway, Haleiwa
(with war memorial near entrance)
my booth is at front of the  fair 
 near info and first aid tents.
July 19 and 20      9 am to 5 pm

May your days be colorful!
Aloha, Sonja

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy June 4 !

Here it is June already!
  I have not posted recently or arted  lately either
 because we were moving and all the stuff, stress and strength and stamina
Not making something  artistic out of little tends to makes me a bit crabby as well. 
We have been moving /moved our selves  up the road, and stuff and lastly Ruby the cat, who's paws we buttered  first night so she would not dash back to the old house.
I feel a new leaf turning,
towards downsizing and determined to be less pack ratty from here on out!
 i have been not making art therefor feel more airhead than ever. Can't find things for all the boxes and DH decided to add a roof to insisting deck to rain shelter and shade,and to move fridge and shuffle cabs about  in the kitchen in the middle of move,
 (i wondered why he did not return one day for more boxes without topsis...).
so there are tools, and sharp things and extension cords, and sawdust, and  mucho confusion among boxes  about of kitchen and deck, as well the place in general.
 Good news is am exhausted enough not to comment or complain tho questions some times are read as complaints.Oh well
Now Today  is DH b day, again
so i might like to bake some overly sweet cupcakes or make a card or something,
i collected  flowers yesterday from plumeria trees so i can string them up perhaps,
providing i can locate any of those creative supplies to do so.
be well,
 and stay put! Sonja

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Color, glorious color.
yummy without a calorie.
Do you need a boost of color this time of year?
i love color especially on fabric AND BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY POST NUMERO 100.
i am ready to share the wealth.
how about a fat quarter  arriving
 in your mailbox?
If so,drop me an email or comment here by March 25
What  your  favorite  colors  are  today?
Or  do you like warms or cools?
The sun is out today so i shall paint up some vanilla fabric into many glorious colors 
and if you are the lucky one, i shall send some your way.
this is what a papaya looks like sliced a different way.
who knew?

stars are everywhere!
be well, Sonja

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quote collector that i am and post #100

Oscar Wilde often said words i can't forget.

 Words that rang a bell that still can ring. i ran across a new one today 
to add to my growing collection.
if you read my blog you will find some favorite quotes peppered down the right margin. new ones appear, some disappear or are rearranged as a pattern appears. 
Perhaps soon they will need their own blog!

"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
Oscar Wilde
I came across this quote above on a blog i read recently, lo i can't recall which..

there are so many talented and artistic blogs out there just in the fabric
Back in 2007 made the post card below for an exchange with theme of quotes!
Boy Howdy, I'm in I said !!

with a childhood photo, 
fabrics, paints, button, machine free motion,threads and lace,
i brought into being this 4"x 6" postcard 
of what that quote meant to me at that moment and looked like.

  "Be yourself. everyone else is already taken "  O.W. again! WOW!!

I think i respond to certain quotes because of the kernel of truth and often  humor embedded in those few words that i hear.  I often find them to be a jumping off point for my imagination to leap into a project.  or a smile.

do you respond to quotes?
what are your favorites ? 

And as this is post number 100 
if you are a reader that might like a piece of my hand painted fabric, 
leave a comment  by Feb 28 and
 if Ruby the studio cat helper pulls your name from the basket,

i'll send out a  painted fat quarter of my choice 
or Ruby's as you can see above she is very interested in investigating fabric!. 
How's that for a helper !
have a great weekend !

Monday, February 10, 2014

Year of the Horse 2014

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse !

Recently I found a photo of my very first horse, 
actually she was a Shetland pony 

She was brought home from the local pony ride farm
in West Redding I think  
that I dragged my parents to many a  Sunday. I loved her even though she was old and shabby and threadbare, in some spots her hair was  very thin, especially around her withers. I recall she liked to escape from her pasture and was found out on the old Boston Post road more than once . But I was 6 and she was my first love.  

 and then forward 50 oddyears,
 my last horse, Lily who really was a beauty!
So not a bad span of many decades
of horse love..
Lily was my prairie home and ranch companion for 2 decades
Her Hawaiian name was Liokalani, horse from heaven in Hawaiian, but we mostly called her Lily. 
She now gallops in a part of my heart reserved for great unconditional love.
She was a real sweetie!
Speaking of sweeties,
here is one having a rocking good time!

2014 is the Chinese year of the wooden horse so in honor of this 

 i located an older photo of my youngest niece riding on a horse I designed and painted and my DH built and carved of wood . The rockers were made of beautiful Koa, a wood dear to the islands.The wood horse was painted in the colors of Lily as she was when i got her at age 5 when she still had lots a dapples.
 And now my niece's  little girls get the rides although the last time i saw this sweet wooden horse,
she was sans a tail. Perhaps that is yet another worn  and threadbare by love story!

It is almost February 14 Again,
so just  bring on the chocolate please! and  the hearts and flowers too!
here are some of the hearts painted 
and hand quilted recently by me 
 and finally sent out to my clients.
I do notice things take me longer to complete than usual
even longer if I time them so i have to stop that, 
the timing!
and just enjoy the ride !!
i have  not posted in a while, not that i ran out of words, i have lots a those
  it is just that i had computer issues, 
mane ly with me!
be well, Sonja