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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Saturday, July 20, 2019


While i was away at the HAF this spindery orchid took to blooming. She has the slight fragrance of spice and has the most long spidery  petals i have seen on an orchid..

Lucy in the sky with blue eyes supervises from the latest flat box placed
 from an advantageous  spot for her. She spends about an hour in the morning galloping,  racing around and grabbing up throw rugs and giving the rugs a good thrashing, especially the rag rugs. She is a rescue of sorts as she spied on us the the hedges for awhile before strolling on to the deck. 
And in no times she took over as in ...everything here is mine.

At the festival i have 3 tent poles and cables at which i place a bucket of tropical flowers and greens in a bucket. I wrap each bucket with a half yard of my my hand painted fabric so the edges of my area are.well, colorful . I brought my new Nikon along  but once again as the day unfolded, 
 as people walk in and i begin to talk about process and field questions of all kinds,  i did not get a chance to make shots of details . Lucky for me my helper Sherry took some just as i was starting the day. Thank you Sherry for helping me all weekend. you are an angel.

I bring  my Singer FW 221 along for display and for a useful prop. i can put bills under the presser foot whilst making change.( i do remove the needle and bobbin case at home  for safety.)
The sweet cat under the arm was Noodles, one of our rescue cats. If i were to put a title to this  this sweet  photo i would have to say,   Nothing purrs like a Feather Weight.
Yes it works, still used for straight seams and i get to tell the story of sewing a prom dress on this great machine back in the day.
This was a great fair the 20th time i have juried in and set up and get to  talk story with a lot of folks. Thanks to all that spent some time under the canopy and sharing and shopping.
I hope to see some of you again at next paint class,
Wishing a Happy Summertime to all!