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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quilt Hawaii 2010 Heliconia painting class


                                             This year Quilt Hawaii 
is on  the Big Island again , this time  at the Waikoloa  Beach Marriott Resort & Spa in Waikoloa. my class is all about the lovely heliconia and  we will be  painting flowers and fabrics. there are so many kinds of heliconia with the most amazing  colors .
 i have added some  paintings and also some with  machine quilting paired with  yardages painted in  above  photos.  drawing skills are  not required as i have a good method  of sharing some  artistic  skills. please note .....i have been at this for decades. basically , it  really helps to  have some good material, tools,  and the time set aside to have fun. and encouragement helps! i can't teach you to be an artist but can share with you some  of the techniques  i have collected to put you on the road. ultimately you must do the work  in your studio or  on the kitchen table or under a  shady tree. i am a facilitator, mostly.

this is always one of the best days of the year for me  as we get to play with color and fabric and discover talents and techniques  and make new friends. i have done this  most summer fun project since 2000 and look forward to it once again this year.
 i am having an all day class #303 , it is on  Friday July 2, 2010.
 i bring the all  paints and  some  tools and samples to draw out the artist within.
check out the site below  for brochure with information.