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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Thursday, December 11, 2014

are you getting ready?

Christmas is coming
 and some of us are getting ready to gift by making things of wonder.
i wonder why i sometimes get ideas so late in the year. i still have some things i started in a Christmas past that i am putting on finishing touches,
 perhaps ideas that had not fully hatched until now.

 Each year for the past 16 years i have given/sent out invitations to my studio to those who have purchased my work along the way, at Haleiwa Arts Festival and other local venues. It goes out by snail mail. hand written hand made like the ornaments i fashion all year long.

i made a painted  fabric cat ornament for a friend's granddaughter.
She gets an ornament each year that mom or daughter or she  picks out. this is based on a black and white cat.. i hope i was able to channel what the cat looks like
all though i can't recall the name of this cat.
 ...we shall see!

Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom just in the nick of time!

 The angel  below
is a re purposed flag from a friend that keeps me in faded glory flags.
 i love this one as the stars are embroidered and old lace looks at home with the faded cotton. 
Mz Liberty has a flannel snowman ornie tucked  up under her arm.
Long may she wave!

the last willie melt snowman pin hand carved by DH is painted 
 wears the other end of the torn strip of RWB fabric.
it is the last one  until i can convince him to make another.  

excuse the blurry  "bullet"  Santas below
 that are standing in tennis shoes while they dry and then go on to the next step
 getting ballast in bottoms before  more paint and then gluing them on a slice of trees from past trees.
This sight  made me laugh as i found shoes a handy way to keep these dudes upright
 while i watched paint dry. 

the recent full moon set.time to get up and greet the day!

What are you finishing up beside that cold cup o coffee?
be well, see well,