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Friday, October 1, 2010

baby quilt time

Oh Baby!

this is the baby quilt i made for my niece's' first girl a few years ago.

a lot of stars in vintage reproduction fabrics and girly colors are used  in here.
 Baby girl quilts are fun  to make and this ones echos the colors of the
Christmas Cactus we call Isabel as it was a cutting from my mother in laws plant on her front step years ago , that coral pink that i love with green.

hanging over the rail letting the low light of a winter sunset
 to back light up the quilt , it is a warm and cuddly sight and a delight to have made. what usually happens is that i grossly under estimate the time it takes from idea to a finished quilt, to fold and
hand over  the quilt to the  new baby's family.
 this one finished out about 35" square . 
and i have no idea how long it took..... 
but i really i love how it turned out!
So i  was most  happy to get a request this summer to make
this one below.
 a BOY baby quilt.
this little guy is made up  in the vintages reproduction fabrics reflecting the 1930's feed sack prints . i like the small conversational  type prints and tossed in a favorite of mine, a banana yellow and blue denim like  fabric i find  very appealing, pun intended. i made nine patch units and snowball units to get the overall look. the vines that surround the blocks are hand painted and i seem to use this framing method from time to time on quilts of various sizes as i can't go too long with picking up a paint brush or so it seems.
the quilt  is not done until the label is attached and dated and i always paint and customize my labels. and i seem to get my toes in some  photos as i go about barefooted most of the time.

 i sent it off  yesterday in a pillow case  made of blue plaid fabric echoing the colors of the quilt. all it needs now is a ribbon to tie it  closed.
Baby shower in 10 days so  i am so glad i made it close to the deadline which is always harder for me than making  of the quilt as i always  take way  more time than i think. that is why it is almost an impossible question for me  to answer when someone long did that take to make?
                                                               "  until now "
ps.... the quilt has reached the person that ordered it last summer at Hale'iwa Arts Festival
and here is the music to my ears that little quilt has caused...     
Hi Sonja. The quilt arrived and it is beautiful. I am so excited to give such a special gift. It is incredible - and I see the TLC that was put into it. Thank you so very much. I knew the quilt would be great - but it is above and beyond "great".
Many many thanks. RW"
i am grateful my hands and eyes work well together
Now that makes my day!



Nancy said...

Both quilts- adorable! Those vines are a really nice personal touch. These will be well-loved.

sonja said...

thanks Nancy. this might be one of ways i got started making quilts... for friends having babies! i hear this often!!

Kathy said...

The vines are really clever and add a special "sonja touch" to the quilt. They are both adorable and I can't imagaine anyone who wouldn't want to receive one of them.

sonja said...

thanks Kathy! i have a quilt idea in my head it's floating about, in the colours of your dolphins swimming, beach glass.

Creative Grammie said...

Beautiful quilts Sonja! I love your works of art.
Hugs to you...

RoseofSharonStudio said...

Beautiful quilts, my friend, just beautiful.

sonja said...

thanks Sharon. making small things just now. Christmas is so close now that all the candy has been eaten!
any thoughts on QH 2011?
Ellen placed my creative painting class on July 2 all day Satuday. thanks for all you help last Summer!