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Monday, August 9, 2010

what i did this summer so far


Here they are below, the  very latest painters of fabrics and flowers and ferns and yardage- all together on a glorious summer day  and they came  my way via quilt shows and art festivals ! we had a great time discovering that we all have a colorful and playful side and agreed this was a good time to let it  loose.  I provided the paints and atmosphere of playfulness along with odd and common materials and tools i use  most everyday when  i  paint.
Taking the time to do so is the hardest part according to my vast research  .


Here some of their pieces are drying pinned to a cork board
and  belo , taking a Kodak moment in front of  their wonderful and newly made art fabrics are
   Sharon, Elaine, Carolyn, and Barbara,my newest painter in the pacific!
                                                     and then in the afternoon,

 we took to the  shaded lawn with dampened  fabric spread out  and weighted  down on the  corners with small rocks and pinned to the grass with clothespins....  we painted some more this time with more than brushes.  as  the paint came squirting out of ketchup or is it cat sup ? containers thinned with water, (the paint not the condiment),  we make color appear on cloth with our hands and the whole body , bending over to fold  and smush the cloth  around, moving the paint  about and making a point that  i feel is for my self at least mostly  true, that we don't just paint with our hands or arm  or the brush in our hand  but with  the whole body, our whole self . that is most likely why i can't paint sitting down .
And that's another reason why i love the Hokey Pokey ...
'cause i can put my whole self in !!
after our  one yard pieces dried enough, i invite them to  pick one they could part with and rip them up into fat quarters and  we exchanged  with each other  our colorful fabrics.
and so went yet another  beautiful summer day 
 of art play
in the shade of a friendly tree  .

Hale'iwa Art Festival, 2010. the  short report

 i have only have one photo of the Haleiwa Arts Festival this year so far  as i forgot my camera  the first day and was so busy the second i did not take photos. i found one on creative grammie site that she took.  It looks like i am in the process of releasing  one of my gardening/guardian angels 
into the world .
  One  of the interesting  things that  did happened that weekend was that the staff of the Festival did a booth contest thing and out of 120 booths i landed in the top 10 i was told  by Saturday late afternoon. best designed booth was the criteria or decorated and i maintain all of my stuff and fabrics arts  are for sale with the exception of  some props, like the vintage Featherweight,  and containers and display things. Well, i must say i did sleep well  and didn't  think too much of it as i usually bring all this stuff to shows , much to my DH dismay . I brought a set of chairs to sit or wait in as in "husband waiting chair"... and a table and a vintage table covering and I use vintage bark cloth and chenille spreads on my display tables because i like them .I  put arrangements of flowers on  the 3 corner posts of the tent.  Did i mention this was outside ? and windy? we call them Trade Winds and they do cool things off. In my case i  also bring a box of small rocks and clothespins to somewhat anchor things down.
Sunday  morning i get the word that i was a top  contender tho  i had not won the contest even tho i had several folks that were cheering and debating for me to be the one who would have a large blue ribbon  pinned to their booth, blowing in the brisky winds. oh well, it would have been nice to have next years booth paid in advance but i was happy enough  to be in the running  doing what it is i do with fabrics anyway. Thank you creative grammie for taking  the photo below .
thanks to the HAF staffers that  boosted my spirits !
AND what a BIG surprise i had when Kathy Lukens and Jill flew in from the Big Island and brought me lunch!
you guys rock!!
i had a great weekend !

be well,Sonja


RoseofSharonStudio said...

Aloha Sonja!
It looks like you all had a great time! I too love the hokey pokey, maybe that IS what it is all about!

Kathy said...

Hi Sonja,

I posted some pictures of your booth at the Arts Festival today on my blog -- I have some of you too but haven't posted them yet.

You class looks like so much fun and everyone must have been really happy with their work -- when's the next one?


Creative Grammie said...

Hi Sonja,
I haven't been on the blogging line for all of August and missed your post. I'm back and glad to read your post. When you have time stop by my blog if you're interested in my anniversary give-away.
This last class on your blog was at your house or at the quilt show? It does look like fun! I do love your art.

Admin said...

Wonderful artwork.