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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

coke break

i belong to a several  online trading arts groups for fabric and mixed media. these folks are from all over the USA and  some are international as well.
 the horse card above was  the one  i made for the art4mail group .  what a joy it is to get something in the mail made by someone by hand with an idea they are reaching to communicate  into a composition  4" by 6" in size .  i joined in on a "western roundup" theme exchange  last year  because i am a horse lover since forever. 

armed with a idea and an old photograph , i  set to work  to fill in what  that theme or idea  might look like to me . this will change as i go along , adding this, subtracting that and  this evolves  if i am lucky  into art to mail, or frame or keep. sometime it doesn't work and i start again. or scrap the whole deal and start over.

 a memory of my horse  Rojo Diablo, some  photocopies , some thread,  a few beads,  and  a few hours later i had my cards ready. i like to make one for myself as well . the old photo was taken after a 4Th of July parade in a small California town by my mom. horses like soda and sweets and i had to be careful not to bump his teeth as he finished  the last of the coke. 
sometimes  people will  ask "where do you get your ideas from?" i often answer , where do i start?  


Kathy said...


That's my kind of horse -- a horse that loves coca-cola as much as I do!


PS. Are you getting your inventory and class projects done for Quilt Hawaii?

sonja said...

he did like coke back in the day they only came in bottles! Lily liked coke too, poured over her timothy or from my hand.
i hope i am. getting a nice inventory started and planning the class project. and quilt show entry .working on that how 'bout u?

Kathy said...

I think you're farther along than I am -- I've been concentrating on scarves for the April/May craft shows and then I need to start on fabric for QH. It will be a busy May and June.