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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Saturday, March 21, 2020

self sequestered

Every  picture tells a story ( don 't it?) 

Every Picture Tells A Story - YouTube
was an  early rod stewart song
(also know as the doughnut song )
Ron Wood is a ANIMAL on guitar. Any wonder the Stones wanted him?
i do believe this is one of the great albums ever, and
the title song is one of the most Kick-ass Rock n' Roll songs of all time!
makes me get up and dance
and just for the moment, i'm back in 1971 and my skin fits finer!


now back to some sewing  and perhaps some painting of cloth
and  then to make something that did not exist before. 
be well, sonja

1 comment:

Nancy said...

A good post- Snoopy got it right, it is the little things! Best to you.