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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Earth DAy and here is Lucy !

We have been adopted by this kitty that we call among other thing, Lucy.  She started hanging about in the yard in January but would dash off if we got too close. Much to  Mz Ruby's chagrin,  she now thinks she owns the place. Ruby has to hiss or punch  or chase  her  if she gets too close or crossed the invisible area around Ruby known only to her having been the only cat for 5 years.
Lucy in the skies with blue eyes. See her right ear u cut out? i hope that means she was fixed. if you are a cat person that knows catch /fix /release, 
 perhaps you can tell me if that is a female her right ear clipping indicating  fixed.
I finally got a new camera a Nikon  coolpix. My older Canon Powershot 540, that worked great for 12 years no longer worked but  would only take dark photos or overexposed ones no matter how many times i studied the manual and attempted to change settings. It also ate up AA batteries like crazy. i would take them out in between shooting even. 
 I  have not been posting as would like  as photos are a good que for me to start a post.
Happy Earth Day

hibiscus blooming this morning

Tahitian gardenia,   a heavenly fragrance 

"everything here is mine "......Lucy


Nancy said...

Lucy is a beauty! She has certainly made herself at home, and is becoming tamed and socialized. Ruby as an only cat will definitely have an adjustment. We got a new kitten about a year ago, and our older cat is still not pleased. They give each other a wide berth generally. The blooms are lovely, too.

LA Paylor said...

do they really cut into a cats ear when it's spayed? Isn't there a better way to denote it, like a chip? She is so pretty, and when a cat adopts you, one must just move over and make a place for them. Poor only cat Ruby. Maybe she'll come to love Lucy in the skies, then it'll be two united. I wish I could smell the lovely flowers. Nikon are good cameras

Jan said...

Lucy is a beauty! I also took pity on another stray cat and then she thanked me by giving birth to 6 kittens in the rafters above my garage. I started putting food out for her when it was snowing here in February. She started letting me pet her after awhile and then I noticed how fat she was becoming. Now she has moved her kittens to I don't know where. I really didn't want more cats. The gray cat I found last summer doesn't seem to mind this new one. I'll get her fixed as soon as I can and will deal with the kittens somehow. You and Ruby are kind to take her in, even if Ruby isn't being gracious about it. You never know with cats.

sonja said...

thank you Nancy, LA and Jan for commenting on the new kitty, Lucy. I've always wanted to call out when returning from errands..."Lucy, I'm Home"I. i love that you all are animals lovers and caretakers as well as artists.mahalo for reading and sharing your art and thoughts and stories throughout the years!!

Kathy said...

Hi Sonja, its been a while! Happy to see you're still having painting parties! Feral Cats in Hawaii have the tip of the ear cut off on the right if they are female and left if they are male. That U notch I think means she was fixed on the mainland - non of the TRN organizations here do that kind of a tip as far as I know. Maybe someone brought her with them and then dumped her or she ran away and prefers your house! She's a beauty. I would love to get another one but Smudge would not be very accepting and I have to keep all cats indoors so I'm afraid to try. Are you doing Ha;eiwa this year? Maybe I'll get a chance to come over that weekend.