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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

With a little help from my friend Ruby on Tuesday

Earlier this morning Ruby wanted to make a nest in my studio
 instead of  settling on her current  daily favorite sleep spot on a director chair out on the deck. 
Today I set about selecting fabric for a custom made glasses/cell case for someone  that requested one last July. Ruby likes to help with this sort of task and she loves fabric,
 especially if i am working with it......she has selected one in particular that i want to use. 
So I will wait until she falls asleep to ever so gently slip  that
 deep blue piece out from under her grasp. Or i will work on something else needing attention as 
 I work on several projects at a time,at least several teen .

I'm sleeping here my nest 


Jan said...

Ah yes, our little helpers! They are so adorable, who can resist them? So far Cwtch has not been hanging out in my studio much, maybe he will more after winter rains settle in. I have to baste a quilt tomorrow, I could really use his help to hold the quilt sandwich down!

Jan said...

How did you come to name her Ruby?

sonja said...

Jan, She was rescued from the vets lobby on her way to being shipped out to she was dropped off as a stray... DH was in that lobby to pay a vet bill (Noodles did not make it through the night, kidney failure at 3 , another stray we had, and DH was going to pay the bill when in the lobby a tiny, dull black kitten of purrhaps 5 weeks, was being held in a crate. He open the crate and a little cat climbed up on his shoulders and purred and purred so DH brought her back home in our the first week of July,2013. Hence the name Ruby. Shiny Tiny Ruby stole our hearts and now is in charge of Everything !!!

Nancy said...

Sewing rooms and cats are the perfect combo! And don't they just find the very fabric, pattern, batting that we were planning to use and plop down on it for a long nap? It's uncanny. Ruby is a beauty though, and deserves her rest. Cat have a way of being in charge.

LA Paylor said...

so tiny shiny ruby grew up into a snoopervisor and art cat. Good for her and you. Your little slick companion is very helpful. Love how she got her name, and that she has a good eye for fabric. So enjoyable to read!