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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Monday, January 9, 2017

How i get unstuck in my art works...

 when i get stuck 
 i do one of several things to get back on track: breathe deeply, stretch like my cat Ruby,
walk away, walk in the yard and see what nature has made and pay attention as there is always something newly sprouted, bloomed, withered, dropped as in a blue and lime green feather in the driveway today.
get a glass of cool water, stare at the horizon, take out the trash to recycle bin, make a salad, eat a peach, wash my face, check the snail mail wonder i say art is not a straight one  but a wondrous meandering line through the day!  Now i can go back to the task at had with fresh eyes, attitude, and an oxygenated brain!
If that doesn't perk me up, i get an sun ice tea and approach another piece of work i have started to see if the next step is ready to Freddy! ideas need time to simmer.mostly.
This simmering process takes as long as it needs and wears no watch ....  
Oh ,making a birthday card for a friend is also a mini vacation, as i think of the things we have shared and i have the time to be grateful we met and are still fond of each other.
(In January before i put the old calendar aside, i copy over birthday dates to the new year!!)

So, I find the shifting of thought/seeing/doing/non doing/body movement/still, a change of perception/direction helpful
 for my creative self to move on.

I call this photo "What if I..."
(sorry i don't know who to credit)

Happy New Year 2017!


Nancy said...

I especially like your idea of taking a closer, more focused look at your surroundings. There is so much beauty in the small things that make up the whole, and too often I just overlook it. Your post makes me think of something as small as a feather- a closer look reveals such amazing markings, patterns, and design. Food for thought.

LA Paylor said...

first of all, that is such a dear, inspirational photo. Kitten and boy looking at the world. Together.
Love the phrase about simmering and taking it's own time not wearing a watch. Love that. Great post. You captured the process very poetically. LeeAnna

sonja said...

Nancy and LA, being you are both artists, I thank you for reading and commenting on my short post on a moving on in our art when we get stopped or stuck. it happens to us all sometimes. I try to see it as an opportunity to sing or dance or rest or Breathe deeply. i tend to hold my breathe needlessly when flummoxed. Happy new year 2017!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Nice post,amiga.