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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Monday, December 19, 2016

Starting to look a lot like Christmas ....

Are you ready? I'm not.
Baking to be done soon, 
shopping for the ingredients even sooner
 if tomorrow is not too late? 

and still i roam about the yard and select and collect  flowers and leaves
 to help me celebrate and share  the joy of the season.
 I make these floral arrangements and think they might be the Christmas card of  the year after arranged and photographed and cropped and printed and addressed and stamped and sent,
so far they are in the camera and in a photo place in computer.

Then i come across a poinsettia that made it through the year and is now re-blooming
 in spite of the fact that i only cut it back once.
Red is so red this time of year!!

 Then there are the painted fabric Santa figures of fabric i call old Nicks.
I have made these for about 30 years now since i found their likeness pleasing to me
 in an early American folk art style. I put them out yearly
 and sometimes the white Santa stays out all year.

This year i drew, painted, quilted and sewed up some pillows featuring the
 Monstera leaves .The above is the painting before the quilting. 

Strawberry guavas and leaves 
in the Christmas colors minus the snow! 

Soon i will be baking and  
sharing  my apple crisp from the Tassajara  bread book 
from the 1970s
 with lots of fruit and nuts and ginger and spices
 as i like to improvise as i make food depending on what is in the pantry and fridge,in season, 
 and  on the counter.
And don't forget the whipping cream!!

A vintage Hawaiian print of anthuriums  

Be most  well and have a happy and  healthy holiday season wherever  you are!
aloha, sonja


Nancy said...

Your composition in the first photo would make a lovely card- it's very, very pleasing. And so are all the other photos! I love your vintage Saint Nicks, and the painted leaf is so graceful. Happy Christmas to you!

sonja said...

Nancy, it was one i used last year as a greeting card. And those bullet Santa figures always make me smile as i unpack them.Thank you for commenting and sharing your art .Happy Christmas to you and yours.

LA Paylor said...

Oh! So much beauty in one post. Oh, sonja I have to add in your blogpost to my Thursday likes this week. Love, LeeAnna

sonja said...

Ok! These are Some of my favorite things! Thank you for starting that Thursday postings. And now i can almost hear Julie Andrews ...singing

Sherrie Spangler said...

I love your colorful photos and the St. Nicks and the fruit! It all looks so sunny and warm.

sonja said...

Happy hoppy days Sherrie! those bunnies look so cuddly and well hammy is a riot! i had a dear orange tabby i called Hammy for almost ten years. Hw was a bomber and loved to torment his sister Ivy! be wel ,Sonja