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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby the cat posing in the yard on chair arm with  black orchids.
she must investigate all that goes on in the yard when she is not snoozing somewhere.
These  orchids are in bloom July, August, and still in September and are a native of the Philippines. They smell like honey to me. 

 trichoglottis brachiata
they attach to the mock orange tree and put out roots that twine around the branches.

these  amazing orchids have been in bloom almost 3 months.
I inhale sweetness of nature daily and water them as well if there is not rain.
they really are more  ruby or Merlot in color to me.

Last week i had that hankering for sauerkraut.
But the can i had in pantry had to be returned to the market as it had started to leak,
the metal was somehow compromised so i was actually smelling it when i passed that cabinet.
While at Food Land
i spotted a colorful red cabbage which i brought home recalling that recently i had seen
 a lovely blog that had a recipe for it with beautiful photos as well.
here is another link

it is really so easy peasey because i waited about seven days, i opened my jewel of a jar and heard the fermentation sealed air pop. i took a forks worth and raised it to my mouth only to find that
 i had salted it way too much!

Washed, chopped, bruised, salted, sealed
 and wait.

and wait and wait    

i will be making Ruby kraut again very soon,
 this time paying attention to get the proportions of salt to amount of cabbage used balanced.
Perhaps add some other veggies to the mix.
i also need to get new rubber gaskets for the mason jars i have.
Not all was lost, 
 i managed to rinse out the brine and am almost empty of jar at this point.
i really enjoy the crunchiness of my first batch of  homemade Ruby Kraut!
 perhaps i will make
another batch today as i may be pleasantly hooked.
(and they look so lovely waiting on the window sill)
be well
 and may your food be  tasty and colorful.

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