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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happiness Runs...


"I paint on fabric while singing  a song
 and I can't go wrong.....
'cause if  you can't recall the words,
 make up some new ones 
as you hum along! "
Sonja   sept 17, 2013

 with music as theme for ATC this month in
I  thought about a song I  have loved for a long time
 by Donovan
called Happiness Runs.
You may have heard it in commercials with breakfast cereal a while back
with kids in colorful inner tubes floating about in what appeared to be milk.
  Recently I heard it in a cat food commercial with a big red tabby like Morris.
It is one that gets in your head and plays there. again.
 Recently while conducting a painting class I looked up to see a boat on the water
 with red sails, Again.
I  am apt to say  "paint what you see " to myself as well as folks
 with paint and brushes and fabric before them.
and that is not the first year that boat has appeared  during class time.
we saw this a year or two back as well,
 those same deep reddish sails on a little boat
 upon the blue Pacific!
 the words from Donovan are here if you aren't familiar with them .
the short version goes;
"Happiness runs in a circular motion
Thought is like a little boat upon the sea
Everybody is a part of everything anyway
you can have everything if you let yourself be
Happiness runs  happiness runs. "
 If you have interest, 
Read more: Donovan - Happiness Runs Lyrics | MetroLyrics
if you are my age or older, you might also enjoy singing
" Red sails in the Sunset "!
 Bing Crosby (1935) was first to record it I think,
 and many artists  have covered this song, many !
So what is on your hit parade?
Happiness Runs!

here's Ruby enjoying boxes of fabric


Jan said...

Sweet painting and kitty! I'm not familiar with those songs although if I heard them I might recognize them.

sonja said...

thanks Jan. probably don't watch TV as that's were the words meet the visuals .
I hope Donovan still gets the royalties!

LA Paylor said...

I made 5 atc's to trade in Houston. It would be nice to trade with you are you going?
LeeAnna Paylor