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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

first cut, dismantling a pineapple for food and future planting

I was delighted to see this pineapple on my counter one day ready for harvesting.
we love fresh fruit salad and this is a great addition to the usual fruit,
 one that is grown locally.
 first cut is the deepest, removing the crown
 then trimming the sides
cutting into chunks
rest of it stored in fridge and cut  fresh each day as needed
then  removing the crown of leaves
and peeling of about an inch of leaves
put into a jar of water with bottom just touching the waterline.
(cranky blogger won't let me upright this  photo)
 soon it will sprout little white roots
 next step to plant in a potting soil after sprouting  roots
 (I have a compost heap so I dig to the bottom of that  black gold.)
 I will plant it into a pot until I decide where I want to plant  in the yard.
I have some comfy sandals for my feet this summer, recommend by a nurse as I have developed plantar fasciitis n the last 6 months.bummer.
 they are called
OOfos and are available at
 I am a very happy customer.
AND I have another pair just like these!
This is the latest homemade happy birthday card made for husband
 with Noodles as inspiration.
 When he was a kitten he loved to play BOO!
 He would run up behind you,
tap you on the back of the calf or butt, and streak past you like a flash!
like, now your it!
a couple years ago in a painting class I did some demos of an animal and a fruit as an afternoon exercise to loosen up a bit after lunch. a silly cat and some flora  and a tiny pineapple and then larger pineapple appeared n the cloth before long . Recently i found those pieces languishing and together with some yardage painted that day I made a shoulder bag. 
It's free motion quilted on the Bernina 830 record
May your all be pineapples be sweet
 may your feet be happy
 every summer !
Aloha nui loa, Sonja 


Kathy said...

Noodles makes a great subject for your art. I think you should feature him more often. Nan and I will see you at Haleiwa Arts Festival next month. I have a booth this year and Nan is coming to help me since we didn't do Quilt Hawaii.

So I'll see you before long.


sonja said...

Haleiwa Arts Festival Is onlY 10 days away! EEEEK!