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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin painting people

Hello  October  Pumpkin  lovers!
Some autumnal  color for you!
pumpkin colored October sunset close up 

 why are these fine ladies smiling under a shady tree?? (see below)
they just painted up a patch/batch of pumpkins on fabric about the size of a postcard. i asked  them to make several after we practiced a bit of sketching on paper to loosen up. 
 they made some  to send and  some to keep .
 (even if folks don't sew one can always glue the
small original painting
 onto a card stock to make a greeting card ) 
 we also made sunsets on water and mountains and got more paint on fabric squares  than on our clothes. 
I love to demo and in doing so usually get the most paint on myself.  
oh,  i don't mind as  it eventually washes off my skin and i do wear painting clothes to class,well usually. it takes about a year to get a shirt painted good and i help it out by  often wiping my paint brushes directly on my shirt in class. 
 Erin,  Beth,  Heather,  Becky, and Aliea  shine!   
           a palette, a yogurt lid really, with paint on it will be applied to fabric  soon as i wind down.
after the painting class leaves,
i like to clean up the left behind paint onto pieces of fabric close at hand.
below are a few sections of cloth left to dry.
tomorrow i will iron them flat and eventually wash/iron them as i design, play, quilt and collage with these random colored cloth bits.

art cloth in the making, step one ..... above

 ironed flat fabric of  many colors to ready to inspire

After a painting session,  i wash my brushes and then let them dry flat on table before stashing them upright again
 in jars or cups for storage. 
i have some  brushes that are 30 plus years old that i still reach for!
my favorite paint to use on fabric is a screen printing inks by Versatex,
i have used these  for many decades and love them much .
i get them from
 bushes come from dick blick , my favorite one is the angled shader brush .

and i 
found one more use for my painted and clean up coffee filters.( some  colorful filters are shown in the previous Pear  Blossom post.)
 this time i did a little gathering stitch around the circumference , gathering it up with care, stuffed it with a bit of fluff, cinched closed after  inserting a  dried stem from an avocado dipped in a bit of glue. a scrap of green fabric cut in leaf shape slipped over stem and let dry.  paint more color onto finished pumpkin if you like.  might take some of that fabric of random colors and make some more. i usually make them out of fabric but that coffee filter said...pick me! and it worked!


My Creative House said...

Sonja these fabric looks fantastic, so great that you paint your own fabric, really unique pieces.

sonja said...

Anni , my mom loved the little mermaid and i love your version with fish and roses!