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Friday, April 6, 2012


one of my favorite ways to color eggs
 at Easter is to wrap them in onion skins and hard boil them.
i will often tuck in a fern or herb sprig in as a resist. i like red onions but other skins colors work. i bundle the eggs covered with skin in a coffee filter ( i have small eggs from some of my hens) or i cut a square of fabric that is then lightly bound at the gatherng point.i used 8 inch squares here.
 a little vinegar and i let them cook and color at the same time.

this is the simple process in photos to get organic Easters eggs in beautiful colors of gold, greens, and rust that look like they might have been hatched by some exotic wood fowl with no toxic dyes.
  start to collect onions skins ahead of time or make friends
with the produce manager at your local market.
the more skins you wrap the deeper the tones get.

gather the eggs, skins, herbs, coth wrapper square, and don't foreget a pair of scissors to snip the
wrapping string.

these are bundles are ready for the pot

    boil as you would for hard boiled eggs.
              i also put a few uncovered eggs in as i ran out of skins.
these turned a warm golden brown but without the marbling/motling of skins wrapped ones.

these are unwrapped while still  quite warm as i cannot wait to see what happened .

                                                   i made a nest of fabric sevlages and strips.

                                                        hard to watch boiling eggs so
while i was waiting for the onion skin eggs,
 i finger painted some already boiled  eggs with food coloring the result of which
 i got more on my fingers than the egg

lovely  blue/green egg, scrap cloth, and my camera strap got some more color as well!
Happy Easter  to All!


Kathy said...


I haven't seen anyone dye eggs like this. I might have to try it next year. We had lots of rain this weekend too - glad I had nice weather in Honolulu since it has been cold and dreary in Waimea. Wish you lived closer to town -- there is never enough time in a one-day visit to do my chores and visit you on the same day.


sonja said...

you have a whole year to collect onion skins! and the fabric that is removed has a ineresting pattern, i have used it for projects.

RoseofSharonStudio said...

Wow, you clever lady, what a great idea! I love this!. And the fabric gets dyed too. I am definitely going to try this next year or sooner just for fun! Aloha!

sonja said...

it's fun Sharon and eggs are good protein!