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Saturday, October 29, 2011

the birds the word.....

                                 "everybodys heard the birds the word....bbbbbbb....."

dh mower with chicken inspectors
(my mower is the bottom one and it goes on woman power.)
And if you are old enought to recall this song or watch Family Guy upon ocassion, what does that conjour up for you?   and not to mention some of the art blogs i follow that  are bird  art talking/making  as well, and the birthday card i got this year from a dear friend  had a photo of a chicken crossing the road and asking that age old question.......why DID the chicken cross the road?  all this and the fact that i have a yard full of chickens and can't  find but a few eggs a day....lead me to this post.
that and the last painting class i  held.
i painted a chicken as a demo when i asked students to think about an animal to paint in the afternoon session. we painted flowers mostly in the morning cause i think that is least difficult and you need to put the color somewhere after all, unless making yardage.  the chicken i drew / painted was indeed crossing some surface, she was dashing and colorful. just recently i quilted the road she was crossing at a very high speed!   
yes, she is certainly a  colorful bird as seen in this middle  close up above.
a few weeks ago i thought it would be fun to put my  class painting samples  together and i am in the process of quilting  some more of them now.
can you see the rocky road the red hen is crossing with speed? 
lots of fun was had by quilting the dots.
i love to finger paint alot so this is repeating pattern in my work lately, those  finger dots. 
we painted poultry, penquins,peacocks,butterflies, and even a pineapples showed up on fabrics on the sunny afternoon.  what a great class  this was with 3 repeaters and 3 new ladies. all artists on cloth in my veiw.i  will post some of their art .  i always wish i had taken more photos the next day but there never seems to be enough time when you have a paint brush in hand! 
i will
also will try to rotate this one later.
 pineapple upsidedown.
blogger thinks this is is what i want even thou my jpg has leaves at the top.
fun in the summer is painting outside.


Jan said...

Love your chicken, looks like she has wheels for crossing that road. I'm showing my age here, papa uu mau mau!
Grrr, blogger is always fooling around, isn't it.

Kathy said...

I love your chicken! Is she going to be at your Open House this year?


My Creative House said...

Oh Sonja your chicken is so sweet and beautifully made.

My Creative House said...

Sonja you asked how many layers there are in my digetale collage there are five layers.

sonja said...

Kathy and Jan, thanks for comments on my wild red road crossing chicken of summer. i am still sewing and quilting it.

Anni, thank you for our comment . your soft collage art is taking on new demensions.