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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

plumeria baby pillows

ALOHA! the two baby pillows are finished . i painted a batch of flowers a few weeks ago  and i made them a size i have not made before. these little sweeties are about 9" by 14" as the new grandmother requested. they came out so swell i made a second set! i machine quilted free motion on my mature  Bernina 830 record, a machine i bought refurbished and is a very fine workhorse of a machine  for quilting especially and it is all mechanical . these baby pillows are finished with an envelope back which means the incert can fold out for washing . and grandma Velma loved them! she got to pick out her choice of two sets and i got a great big hug! sometimes a customer will come to me with a twist or idea or varation that is a great place to go next with the art adventure!

the plumeria is the first flower i made when i started out my project of quilting the paintings i do , back in the early 1980's. now i have to look up that quote by Georgia O'Keeffe  about flowers and friends and taking the time to do so .
i am  still learning so much and watching flowers as they are amazing teachers .
aloha, Sonja


Nancy said...

These are beautiful! No wonder the g'mother was pleased.

Kathy said...


Isn't it fun when the customer loves what you did? They are beautiful and look just like real plumerias!


sonja said...

Kathy, one of my favorites to paint for sure! i think i caN ALMOST smell them!

Nancy, thanks for the thumbs up! i do love flowers and the magic they contain for me!

Kathy said...


Stay safe today. I know you are too high for a direct hit with the tsunami but it will probably be a mess down below you if we do get one of any significant size.

Waimea is bursting at the seams with people today. This is pretty much the only place for the hotel guests to go and they are all camped out in the Parker Ranch center parking lot waiting for Starbucks to open! Or on the road waiting to fill up with gasoline. Unlike Waikiki, the hotels are too low to send people to higher floors. Quite an interesting day.


sonja said...

Kathy, yes we are sky hi
and hosted some beach folks for the morning...
i awoke at 2:30am last morning to hear the warning and again @ 6 am with the longest cival defence warning i have ever heard in almost 40 years., the horn is just below us on kam hy ...but turns out to be a snow day of sorts for us ,YA? . so much for the plans of mice and men,YA? i took a hammock break this afternoon.....and i hear Japan, and our quilt buddie in Japan MEG , was also spared... life is so fragile that art is one of the only persuits that makes sense...need sleep . be well ALL who read !,