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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

painted hearts

just today i finished up a batch of my sweet little " valentine pockets '' for a nice lady i know. i painted the flowers, usually on a scrap muslin from a pillow top and then quilted the flower in a 5 inch or so space. i back them with random hand painted fabrics and make a small pocket in the back for "something" to be tucked in . a ribbon to hang and sometimes a bead are the last touches before i offer these non-caloric treats up . after 20 some years of making them, i still enjoy the smallness of just one blossom and tiny leaves in colors i blend . the way the inks and paints flow on to the cloth , moved here and there with the brush , a drop of sparkle sometimes. a small mediation of color and cloth. and there something to be said about small works of art that are finished and gifted as a token of love . a nice retreat from quilts and wall art. they get shared because they get finished.
i was having a discussion last week with some art pals of mine and that old theme came up of unfinished items or ufo's as they also known and how some folks put themselves in a pickle (i think) by saying they won't start any new ones until the old ones get done. what a killer of art and inspiration is that is !! i bristle when i hear that repeated and sent out like a wet blanket. into the universe! my take on ufo's is this....that unfinished project my well have taught/ shown you all you need to know about this or that and needs no further attention. i donate it , recycle it , or toss it out .maybe let the cat have kittens on it .be done with it if it has the flavor of holding you back. move on . our art time is so precious i refuse to shackle myself to a lost cause or ufo that needs to be let go of. what do you think?

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sonja said...

hey Maddie, i hope you got to see i posted your painted hearts. thanks for getting me going on these little painted treats again!
see u @ the hui!