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Friday, September 11, 2009

fabric painting ladies

Painting in paradise daylight!
Four ladies here posing for a group shot!
Last month i had a group of ladies over for a painting class. We had all met at the Haleiwa Art Festival where they had expressed an interest in trying their hands at painting on fabric, which is one of my favorite things to do so i jumped up and said okay . on a sunny Saturday in August, Ann, Jan, Barb, and Mary came up armed with yards of muslin, sporting funky tee shirts as art is messy  good fun, and carrying in potluck lunches . What a great group of they are , brave enough for my unconventional teaching methods and good cookers, too! we spent the day outside with trade winds frisky enough that we needed small rocks to hold down paintings in progress and drying. Some of the finished paintings, dry now, are displayed here on the happy painters. we drew, painted , changed brushes, chased blowing away art materials and had a great time and even learned a few new things ! then near the end of the class i confessed to them i couldn't really paint very well sitting down so we set up a table tall enough to work together on at a standing height under a shady tree. With one yard of blank material and squirt bottles filled with colorful paints and water spray bottles we all made a wonderful yard of art together . colors swirled and blended and did amazing things. after it dried on the lawn, i ripped it into 4 fat quarters and each painter one got a piece.
art shared , much like a potluck lunch , is often much nicer than the sum of its parts! thank you ladies.                                                                             Aloha, Sonja


sonja said...

thanks Ann for you comment. of course we want to see your lovely pastel pointsettia in its quilted stage. i sure do!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Hey Girl,
The site looks great!
What a fun afternoon, wish you were here so you could conduct an art free-for-all with us.
BTW, I put your site on my blogroll.

sonja said...

hey MT, what is a blog roll?
i love your entries filled with color and human kindness! i am still making art...not war and occasionally a dinner for DH! thanks for stopping by, my, we are global, tambien?
aloha, s

FlutterbugArtGirl said...

What a wonderful group of artist friends and what lovely fabric you all made! Sonja you spread beauty and fun in whatever you touch!!!!

sonja said...

thanks Flutter, they did wonderful fabric and flowers and even painted postcard fronts! it was a wonderful art filled joyful day. i hope to have more of them!! Thanks for commenting. i am glad you are back to having space to make is that dresser skirt going?