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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Thursday, August 13, 2009

stars at sunset

The latest star quilt using my hand painted fabrics is finished now that i have sewn on the label. i like to paint my labels as well as document my work with dates and size . i also put a close up shot in here to see the free motion quilting i do by hand guiding my very, very mature Bernina 830 Record , a lovely old reconditioned machine i got last year to add to my stable of sewing machines. i used variegated and natural thread of the King Tut Superior brand and love them. the top was pieced on my 1959 Singer Featherweight that has been my workhorse for all these years and was given to me by my mom when i went off to Long Beach State College back in the day.these are wonderful gems of the sewing machine world and i am so lucky to have three! one is white in color and was made in the UK in the 60's found by my DH in a Goodwill store that he went into to get some old clothes to paint in . he saw this machine sitting there for only 25 bucks! a steal and it was only missing the bobbin case to make it a working machine. i think the bobbin case was around 50 bucks at the time but we are still talking being in the right palce at the right time. these are great machines to teach beginning sewing on and a few kids have worked with mine to get the basic skills.
now i am back to painting more fabric because i used up most of my yellow and mango hued cotton. i could have picked a better day as it is almost 100% humidity here today so it will take longer for the paint to dry than usual.

So what's next? i am teaching a fabric and flower painting class this Saturday so i need to get art materials organized for that . AND i am dreaming of pumpkin colored quilt blocks.
and sunsets. what are you dreaming about ?

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