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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kunia Orchid show 2018

Orchids are amazing flowers . As a painter i am first drawn to the color.
The  colors and then the form and then  the fragrance of  many , oh my goodness, the fragrances!
Words do not begin to describe, heavenly  comes close .

These are called hono hono and are dendrobiums they come in white and every shade of lavender pink and  they are so very  fragrant !

last year we brought  dendrobiums home from the orchid show as a bunch of sticks and this year they bloomed!
March is their season!    so fragrant!
back to the orchid show....

 i have this vanda so i hope she blooms again this year!  

Miltonias are so beautiful .
 They grow at at higher elevation and a commonly called the pansy orchids. 

 a few anthuriums 

dendrochilum wenzelii
We bought a couple of these tiny charmers. I spoke with the vendor saying they look like tiny zippers to me ( i am a sewist after all!)  She said "Oh, that sounds a lot better than centipedes !"
 If you look closer you can see her in the palaka apron packing them in a little box for the ride home.

The clouds were so unusual and amazing on our drive home i had to take  photos .
Seems when the clouds are so varied there is a change in the  weather  coming soon.
 After the show i am itching to sketch and paint some orchids and attempt to capture
 a bit of the magic and beauty  of the flowers all around us .Ain't nature grand!


Sherrie Spangler said...

Wow, so many gorgeous flowers! I wish you could transmit their fragrance through your blog.

Nancy said...

Oh my, these are spectacular! All the qualities you mentioned are true, plus the variety. I'm so amazed at all the different types. But, for some reason, I did not know they have a scent. Don't think I've ever smelled orchids. What a lovely post.

LA Paylor said...

be still my heart! I so love orchids. The speckled ones! Never saw them, or smelled any of them. Anthuriums are so shiny and rich! Go sketch, paint, and show us what you did.
The sky is spectacular. We've been having snow storms, and one scheduled for this afternoon.

sonja said...

Mahalo Sherrie, Nancy and LA for your comments!!! Some orchids are sweet, some so indescribable so you must close you eyes and inhale again. Some only at night give off their come hither fragrance to their pollinators. One that smells like coconut and one that recalls a hint of chocolate live in my yard! With such variety under the orchid umbrella, one could spend a lifetime in awe.
! Ain't Nature Grand !

Jan said...

Life itself is Grand! I do my best to focus on the grandness of it, can't endure dwelling on the multitudes of bad. Flowers are a wonderful reminder of good things. So many unusual shapes and colors and fragrances, absolutely delightful! I have tried a couple of orchids but was unsuccessful. But I remember visiting Hawaii and seeing the tiny orchids growing wild all over the place in the grasses. Your home must be a wonderful haven for these flowers and others.