Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017

"Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson
 came out the year I left home for a college that was located close to the ocean. i had already read "The Sea Around Us" and had made the (unconscious) decision to leave the high desert of California and seek my way where i could see and smell and play in  the ocean. After reading , and rereading i was not the same in how i looked/felt about the natural world all around me. i say unconscious because it was many years before i actually said out loud that i had
" to get me to the ocean."

In january of 1971 I took a trip to hawaii
 and have lived here ever since, some times near the ocean or in sight of the ocean.
  This morning on a walk up to the mailbox i found several flowers from the plumeria tree lying on the grass beneath the tree, still fresh and fragrant in the morning misty rain.
 i picked them up and  took  in  a  deep  breathe  of what home smells like to me.
Yup, i am a tree hugging earth mama artist that is still excited about nature and all her gifts
 and show no sign  of  changing  my  attitude  anytime  soon.
 i hope i will always notice the beauty and fragile nature surrounding us.
And to be grateful and kind to mother nature.

be well, see well, sonja