Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fabric painting with new and old acquaintances, August 2, 2015

 Last Sunday was a  lovely painting day with a few new folks,
and one lady that painted with me atleast a decade ago.
 She recognized my style of work at the Haleiwa Art Festival recently in July
where some other folks asked if i teach and so i handed them my sign up sheet.
Occasionally i will teach a class.
Sheryl, Suzie and Mei at art making in August 2015.

Upon their early morning arrival and before we  sat down to sketch and paint however,
we walked about the yard and took pictures of  trees and leaves, flowers and the orchids, oh the orchids!!!,  and the  mangoes in full summer blush in their colors of greens, red, orange and purple, and small flecks of white and hanging like ornaments from the tree's canopy.
All those devices that take photos and enlarge and crop for color, shape, and composition reference came out and soaked in the images of natures' beauty.
From these photos and my collection of floral calendars and  other inspirations,
 i asked them to make  quick sketches on paper of what they see/saw.
( looking and seeing are quite different to me as i explain,often),
and then to  make a few more sketches.
I see the mangoes and orchids  were on everyone's radar yesterday!


As a painter i feel that there is no better inspiration and information than the real deal.
 A photo is a wonderful reference but has not dimension nor fragrance to share with you.
One must remember many things when looking at the photo you took to inspire
 and later pick out what you need.
Some elements will not appear in sketch. Then there are addition and color changes.
leaves moved around as you compose a balance sketch.
 That is why this is such a good way to start a session
and why folks go on location
to the ocean, to Portugal (or any exotic place you can think of), or your back yard, to paint, to absorb, to really see and tell about what you experienced with out words,
 to  show me with paint.
And  they surprised themselves!

i also bring in leaves and flowers for the table for folks to look at and SEE.
flowers and leaves to inspire the eye and nose!

paint mixing on yogurt lids and test coaster below

let's peek over the shoulders and see what is happening.

Suzie's plumerias, especially the one she later painted with a blue background
came out amazing!

 Sheryl's mango  photo to sketch to cartoon to paint testing with leaves samples is below.
Her fabric  mango came out lovely and went home with her before  my camera was ready.

Sheryl sent a photo this morning of her painted yardage already
now heat treated, washed and ironed and folded. This woman was inspired!
Such yummy colors to inspire more arty fun!

 Every one's  flower paintings on fabric came out So Amazing ! 
here is one,
painted by Mei from a drawing she made from a photo she took.
Mei said she had never painted before. this is hard to believe as
her orchid painting looks lovely and came out Amazing!!
  i will make a photo of  her inspiration growing in the yard and apply it here!

Today i got a note from Mei saying," 
Thanks, Sonja! I do like to paint some more.
Thanks for introducing me to painting and I love it!!!
 And like to paint more! I didn't know I could DO IT!" 
 trichoglottis brachiata
  I love summertime, summertime and the  many, many  orchids that are blooming now!
Theses above and below are the black orchids
 i posted a year ago in the post 
Ruby Ruby Ruby 
thank you ladies
  for spending the day with paint brushes in your hands
and smiles on your faces!
Mahalo to ALL the folks that painted all these 20  plus years with me
and were encouraged  to SEE!

Be well, See well,
aloha, Sonja

Now i will attempt to link to :
Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre


Nancy said...

Your yard must smell divine! Well done to your students. What's in that little tied fabric bag on their work tables?

sonja said...

NaNCY,sometimes it gets breezy with the trade winds or ceiling fan and to keep wet painted fabric from flipping i wrap rocks in fabric as weights. you have a good eye.i bring a box of such rocks to outdoor shows to hold some things down. today we have white ginger, plumeria and guava in the air. also one huge Magnolia blossom the size of a dinner plate! Ain't nature grand!!! mOST PEOPLE CAN DO MORE THAN THEY GIVE THEMSELVES CREDIT FOR. I SUPPLY ENCOURAGEMENT BACKED BY EXPERIENCE AND A LOOSeY GOOSEY HUMOR.

Sherrie Spangler said...

How I wish I could take one of your classes. Your students' work looks wonderful!

sonja said...

It was a wonderful class,small but amazing and i am still in recovery from!
You would have fun i am sure because surprises happen! Just ask Pat R. as she has taken my class a bunch of times (With Former Quilt ventures) and at my studio, just painted with me. She is my favorite repeat attendor.

Norma Schlager said...

Beautiful work! You must be a good teacher.

sonja said...

Thanks Norma. Well they did the work! When i made suggestions, they paid attention So together we All made a beautiful day!

Ruth Powers said...

Lucky, lucky ladies, wish I was there!!

sonja said...

Ruth, lucky me!they had space and time and my tools to draw out their inner artist and they found her!! This is my very favorite kind of day at my studio!!