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“After all, hope is a form of planning. If our hopes weren’t already real within us, we couldn’t even hope them.”Gloria Steinem

Thursday, July 23, 2015

after the fair is over.......

Recovery from a weekend art show consists of some relaxing with feet elevated.
A rope hammock is best and the shade helps especially when breezes are blowing through.

This is important even if you have 4 feet, that your feet get some air time!!
 Then  to repack after unpacking  the bins and boxes of colorful fabric and hand made treasures, followed  closely by more feet's up and ice tea in hand. Then there is always stuff to catchup on like emails, laundry, and sleep, glorious sleep. so i do a little of this and some of that, retreating to a cool  spot with comfy chair now and then. This takes a few days, these days, to recover.

 I have consistently designed,  made, shown and sold my hearts' fabric gifts since my early twenties, in Hawaii since 1971 and show I  no sign whatsoever of stopping, only slowing down. I make slow art slowly. This last decade I have been very selective  to where and when (time to crank it down again!) to go out to respect the vintage child i find i have become.  She is wiser, funnier, kinder, greyer, shorter,..okay wider and  more easily fatigued and still at first, somewhat annoyed by  rude cluelessness of some people, then i find the humor in it all!

 Mostly, i am amazed and delighted with people that gravitate to my art in its color and style,
my style and that is what helps to feed my soul. i continue to practice my art of art.

 Kurt Vonnegut has a few sensible and quotable words on that.

(this is one of my postcards of fabric and paint and stitch, one of my favorite practices!)
A huge thank you all who walked through my tent last week end and had taken the time to notice, ask questions, and to purchase gifts for friends and yourself,
and  to express  your wonder and give comments of respect.
I am a gypsy on a life journey of color and fabric and am happy our trails crossed.
Aloha , Sonja


Nancy said...

So glad you had another successful show. What a lovely, introspective post. The cat photo is priceless!! Glad you have a chance to relax and breathe for a bit.

LA Paylor said...

once again my vintage child wants to come hang out with yours.
Congrats on the lifetime of creativity, many more to come. Love, LeeAnna

sonja said...

mahalo to Nancy and LeeAnna for comments on this post.the cat is on a hammock of shade screen stretched over metal tubes.We had three boy cats then and all of them enjoyed "getting air" thou Boogie hogged it.
Making art is a passion, a way of making curiosity visible, expressing ideals and idea seeds, and a way to meet the most interesting folks that also like to say "what if!" in my opinion.