Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh the fair, HI HO, the Haleiwa Arts Festival 2014!

With only a month to go (or less) before the big white tents are up
at  the Haleiwa Arts Festival
July 19 and 20
artisans fill them with the colors and ideas of our imaginations for you to see and touch and consider,
the studios are humming. mine sure is.
  I am finishing up a few requests as well as new works.
There is always a quilt that needs finishing, that final hand sewing that has been
saved for quiet time in a chair under a shady tree.
 On sunny days,
I am painting up fabrics for my projects and always have some to share at the fair for those who see the possibilities in them .

here they are drying in the sun  on the lawn with my toes showing.
this is second drying of the  fabrics
after heat treating and washing and now shining on the line .
 See how the sun is shining through on the way to sunset on the piece on far right?
i love the surprises i get when i work with these humble fabrics and paint.

Haleiwa Beach Park is the fair site 
62-449 Kam Highway, Haleiwa
(with war memorial near entrance)
my booth is at front of the  fair 
 near info and first aid tents.
July 19 and 20      9 am to 5 pm

May your days be colorful!
Aloha, Sonja


Jan said...

I love your fabrics hanging on the line, what a beautiful shot. Have a wonderful and profitable time at the art fair!

sonja said...

mahalo Jan for you kind comment on watching fabric dry in the sunset.
we do love summer and long days.
Happy solstices!

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Sonja your dyed fabric are really beautifully made, love the colors.

sonja said...

Aloha Anni! thanks for kind comment about colors. mine do reflect sun and sea and flora of subtropics where i live so sometimes i refer to my basic palette as sorbet!