Thursday, February 14, 2013

hearts of fabric

Do you have any idea  of HOW many songs have the word 
 in them ? mucho plenty!!
i made a batch of  valentine post cards  last week to trade this month that started with painting a heart on cloth 4 by 6 inches .quickly. loose.
 the backgrounds colors were watercolory in lights.
 i layered paintings up for some simple quilting on "Bernadette".
added a  bit of glimmer and shading and i was done .
While i  was making these cards to mail,

i  thought of as many titles as i could sing a few bars of before
 i googled a list.more than i recalled  but none the less a fun mental jog.

Every beat of my heart-Rod Stewart
Heart of gold-Neil Young
Piece of my heart-Janis Joplin
Young at heart-Frank Sinatra

those are just a few i reviewed in my mind  and sang as i painted and sewed.

and who doesn't love the sight of  a cat in the sink?
Noodles pauses in a Sunbeam of  light at his morning drink in the sink.
May all hearts be happy and well,