Thursday, February 14, 2013

hearts of fabric

Do you have any idea  of HOW many songs have the word 
 in them ? mucho plenty!!
i made a batch of  valentine post cards  last week to trade this month that started with painting a heart on cloth 4 by 6 inches .quickly. loose.
 the backgrounds colors were watercolory in lights.
 i layered paintings up for some simple quilting on "Bernadette".
added a  bit of glimmer and shading and i was done .
While i  was making these cards to mail,

i  thought of as many titles as i could sing a few bars of before
 i googled a list.more than i recalled  but none the less a fun mental jog.

Every beat of my heart-Rod Stewart
Heart of gold-Neil Young
Piece of my heart-Janis Joplin
Young at heart-Frank Sinatra

those are just a few i reviewed in my mind  and sang as i painted and sewed.

and who doesn't love the sight of  a cat in the sink?
Noodles pauses in a Sunbeam of  light at his morning drink in the sink.
May all hearts be happy and well,


Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

oh, Sonja, love my heart card and loooove that Noodles!

Judy Ferguson said...

Hey, I love those hearts. I can see that your cat owns the house. lol

Karen S Musgrave said...

These are lovely! Great job! Hugs, Karen

sonja said...

thanks Linda,Judy and Karen for
stopping in with kind words!

Judy Ferguson said...

Thanks for visiting my "Memory of Trees." It is actually a song title that I heard. Trees can be pretty old and wouldn't it be interesting if they had a memory.

Lisa said...

Aww it's my Bubba kitty. He loved being in the sink too!

I love the heart atc's. Just beautiful!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sonja. Lovely hearts--I like the depth of color you achieved. Also really liked your Cards in the previous post--a beautiful series.
best, nadia

Marti said...

Singing and sewing - my idea of happiness. Love the hearts!

Jan said...

Your heart cards turned out beautifully and Noodles looks so content in the sink. What a sweetie!

sonja said...

thanks Lisa,Nadia,Marti and Jan for droppng off kind words here.
sonja and noodles

Kathy said...

Love the hearts and the pic of Noodles -- he's grown quite a bit since I last saw him.

sonja said...

Hi Kathy, he now fills de sink to overflowing should he decide to lie down. mostly be likes morning water and drinks left side and right side bathroom water. on demand.