Wednesday, February 22, 2012

water dragon

The year of the Dragon
The year of the chinese water dragon is well underway. in one of my post card art trading groups we made dragons recently and this is my guy.
first i sketched and painted on fabric and
then  the next day i free motion doodled over the dragon  with various verigated threads
from Superior Threads,
the King TUT line is my favorite.
i made four of these so i had one to keep for my collection.
the Dragon seems to be resting on a branch here.out on a limb.
i am glad most of our lizards don't get as large as this fellow .


Creative Grammie said...

Hi Sonja!
Love your dragon! What a great job.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment.
Warm hugs to you,

sonja said...

thanks Wayna for stopping in a the water dragon post. ain't natre grand? hope you are feeling better,

Jan said...

I guess I haven't been to your blog for awhile. I really enjoyed seeing your chickens that you made, and your prayer flags and especially the dragon. Very nice! Glad you were able to keep one.

RoseofSharonStudio said...

Love the Dragon. I love dragons :) I bought a large stuffed, winged, dragon for my granddaughter before she was born. It was worth the wait, she is 3 now and loves her dragon. When she saw the movie "How to Train your Dragon" she told her Daddy that she had a dragon and could ride it because he was to tame. Daddy thought she was pretending until he visited us at the studio and out she came, riding her dragon. :)

sonja said...

thanks jan and sharon for commenting on my chinese water dragon quilted paintng the size of a postcard. i like to make art to see what i am thinking and satify the what if factor.