Sunday, September 4, 2016

Amazing Orchids

It is that time of year when these orchids bloom in the mock orange tree.

The common name is the  black orchid.
i find the color more of a maroon to my artistic eye.

 (trichoglottis brachiata)
They have a heavy honey fragrance and
they attach to the mock orange tree and put out roots that twine around the branches.
What an amazing show they put on at the end of summer!! 

 i hope you have a moment to sit with nature and enjoy the beauty all arounds us.
Have a fine weekend!!

Today it is a fine time to sit with mother nature and all her bounty and
 breathe in deeply!
be well, sonja

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

After the fair is over...

Thank you to all new and returning folks that stopped under my
tent at the 
Haleiwa Arts Festival last Saturday and Sunday 
to see, to say hello, to shop, to talk story
 and to purchase and
to carry home my small art
 in the little hand painted bags i made before the show for you!  Mahalo to all for sharing this last weekend that for me was full of Bright Moments under the warm and wonderful Hawaiian sun! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

one "making a idea visible" project and Haleiwa Arts Festival 2016

This is what i started with recently ,
some strips of fabric remaining from previous painting sessions and projects.
I layer them to resemble a land/ocean/sky scape i have viewed and painted often.
This a one way i start my studio sessions, to warm up my engine of imagination
 and to loosen up my creative muscles.

Next i pinned the fabric strips to a background and stitched them down,
rough edges  using zig zag and straight stitches. i used a bunch of different color  variegated threads that each color change informed me.
This composition might become a postcard or part of a journal cover or the beginning  centerpiece of a bag or purse, or perhaps a case for keeping something, like glasses, business cards safe.  
and like the sunsets which changes constantly, none of these small works are the same.
Well, i made a journal cover from this composition. for a small marble journal.
 These are, of course, refillable when notebook or composition books are full of words or sketches,

It's that time of year for the Hale'iwa Arts Festival once again. Each year i  have new work to show in the fabric arts and because i am an imaginer, i  sometime work in a series.One piece will have some of the essence of some idea seeds  and it builds on what came before,  in  the next step or problem i set up and how i solve it that time. i  came across a sentence  recently that said something like 
" art is that thing you cannot describe being the most important." now that is a sentence  to pondering while i "unsew" a section of  a quilted bag  where i went off the road...

I work with cloth, and paint, and stitch and imagination with intuition to  make  that which comes from the imagining of the maker, me .it is a form of connecting, expressing some thing the maker feels and then attempts to translates it to a physical form or piece that  others can see. Perhaps that is a dialogue without words.

 With only  12 /days left for preparation for
 Haleiwa ARTS Festival,
 i am attempting to finish  up some of my start ups to take to the show
 July 16 and 17th at Haleiwa Beach park. 10Am -6pm Sat. 10 to 5 Sun.  I am in  booth #113
near the front of the show, near info and water and first aid booths,
 same area as the last umpteen years.  

Veteran War Memorial fronting Hale'iwa Beach Park.

Have a great weekend and fourth of July!!

be well, Sonja

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday 6/29/16

A hat full of miracles 
a sky filled with  wistful clouds....
Ain't nature Grand 
i say it out loud!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fragrant Friday

Fragrant Friday and fabric

Continuing my white flower fragrance appreciation
 procrastination of quilting a rather large quilt (for me) on a domestic machine,
I had to go out again today to photograph a magnolia tree in bloom.

The large, almost a dinner plate size leathery petals open and
 the flower gives off a lemony citrous fragrance.
The tiare is also in the same family as the gardenia, rubiaceae, which includes coffee arabica. 
Day old Tiare still give off a fragrance light and sweet while resting on an old chair.
I love the crackle texture of this comfortable garden chair cradling the flowers 3 .

Tiare and pua keni keni share a jar of water.
The pua keni keni start out creamy white, then turn almost ochre thou still  vary fragrant.
Perhaps that is why it is commonly known as the perfume flower and is also used in lei making.

Plumeria  blossoms make great leis or garlands
or if you have just a few, floating in water.
Ain't nature grand!

Now maybe i can go back in  studio and finish up a quilt still under the machine from last night.

Here is a corner of the hand painted fabric backing i am working with today.
The count down to HAF  Haleiwa Arts Festival is .... 35 days left !
be well, see well, Sonja

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

time out for a little art

Last week i had a few ladies up for a visit and had art supplies handy as they had  an interest in making from cloth some prayer flags, in the mood of some displayed in my studio,
 an assortment of flags I exchanged some time ago in a online art group.

The morning gave us a rainbow greeting!

i had tools for coloring, marking and hand stitching flags available.
As we sat around my painting table we shared stories and light refreshments.  

~Jan and Ilona dressed for fun and paint~

One lady had to leave early and left her flags to dry in the salty air!
A nice start I would say!

These flags, dedicated to loved ones, 
may not be done yet. Perhaps more contrast 
between thread and cloth, plus embellishment....i'll have to wait and see!

You must have rain to have rainbows!
be well, see well, sonja