Monday, June 18, 2018

Haleiwa Arts Festival 2018

The Haleiwa Arts Festival 2018
is now less than a month away.....
 so I am preparing fabrics and  projects to share at the 21 th  annual HAF. Lately I  am  sort  of  slow at pulling together concepts, start ups with colorful bits of cloth with intention of  making a solid item to reflect what i was  feeling or thinking; a collection of ideas born out of previous "what ifs" and mind changes, then turning that into something that did not exist  before and that you and I can consider and turn over in our hands.
There is a bit of magic in doing the work. i am a transformer it turns out!!
Great art quote by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Isn't that the case with all art? We imagine something but in the art process end up creating a completely different drawing?

watching paint dry

cut up, sew, quilt  
Some things only happen once !
as in this notebook cover with its colors and arrangement.

           For a  wonderfully  colorful  day,
save the dates   July 14  and 15  2018
          10 am to 5 pm  on Saturday the 14th
  10 am to 5 pm on Sunday the 15th


i am booth  #96
 near the front entry / information tent/ kids art tent


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kunia Orchid show 2018

Orchids are amazing flowers . As a painter i am first drawn to the color.
The  colors and then the form and then  the fragrance of  many , oh my goodness, the fragrances!
Words do not begin to describe, heavenly  comes close .

These are called hono hono and are dendrobiums they come in white and every shade of lavender pink and  they are so very  fragrant !

last year we brought  dendrobiums home from the orchid show as a bunch of sticks and this year they bloomed!
March is their season!    so fragrant!
back to the orchid show....

 i have this vanda so i hope she blooms again this year!  

Miltonias are so beautiful .
 They grow at at higher elevation and a commonly called the pansy orchids. 

 a few anthuriums 

dendrochilum wenzelii
We bought a couple of these tiny charmers. I spoke with the vendor saying they look like tiny zippers to me ( i am a sewist after all!)  She said "Oh, that sounds a lot better than centipedes !"
 If you look closer you can see her in the palaka apron packing them in a little box for the ride home.

The clouds were so unusual and amazing on our drive home i had to take  photos .
Seems when the clouds are so varied there is a change in the  weather  coming soon.
 After the show i am itching to sketch and paint some orchids and attempt to capture
 a bit of the magic and beauty  of the flowers all around us .Ain't nature grand!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

HOHOHO, just no snow

Each year for the past 20 years i have held a small event on my deck right before Christmas
 and invited some  my local clients/pals and folks that
 like  the fabric stuff  i make with imagination built in.

These three  lovely ladies all appeared about the same time wearing festive necklaces and jolly smiles.
i just had to get a picture of them enjoying the morning  all shiny and brite.

so temporarily i cover my painting table with a table cloth and set out my wears that i wish to share like some of my quilts and pillows and ornaments and Santas and angels...
i bake cookies the night before and set out a pot of hot water for tea and see who shows up.
That is always a pleasant surprise  as some folks i haven't seen i years, some recently met and some know each other from other situations show up. What most folks have in common is that some  my ornaments are hanging on their trees if they haven't given them away! I am also surprised on how long it takes me to put away Santa's elves work shop  things and return my deck to a living space. 

night bloomimg cereus 
looking very Christmasy!!

I finally finished the " mango-hip to be squared" quilt ! With the sun shining through the upper right side 
it is  so  glowing  and  sweet  and  cuddly  to me.

A close up of a block using mostly my hand painted fabrics and some batiks.
i hand guided my Bernina 830 record  for my quilting  and using verigated threads for fun.
i posted  part of the process of building this quilt recently on pumpkin colors post and 
now that it is bound and finished, here she is again.

  a variety of gathered leaves and flowers in Christmas colors
arranged and photographed into a holiday card for last year.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas
a most Happy Healthy New Year 2018. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thankful 2017

Thankful !

for colorful and healthy food

I am thankful for the fresh food from farmers market and the garden. for friends old and new, near and far, and those that visit the blog. i am grateful for paint and cloth and enough ideas to keep going , and for hope. i am thankful for sunsets bold and  sunsets soft. i am thankful for good health and smart hands and for enough.
 All you need is enough.
 and that is enough.
Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Sunday, October 29, 2017

pumpkin colors

Well i have been making and painting and sewing and quilting and  taking some photos when i make some progress. The excess humidity has rendered me lazy and lethargic and prone to wishing for naps for sometime. i finally am getting close to the finish of a mango inspired quilt, a little quiltie!
i have had the blocks pinned to a design board for most of the year.
if you have visited this blog before you might recall i am a painter of bland vanilla colored cotton fabric, turning it in to ALL the colors of the rainbow and saving the scraps and bits from previous work.
scrape pile of possibilities....

sewing random pieces and strips into squares is soothing

yummy threads to sew with!

Bernina  830 Record   hums along

 trimmed up 

 waiting for paint to dry......
 i painted  mangoish color on white background fabric 
for humid times it takes longer.

While waiting for paint to dry, made a few little guys,
i can use for pin cushions or just for fun.
(if you Google fabric pumpkin pin cushions you will find a ton of tuts.)
mine start with a circle of fabric.

Back in 1976
i had the fun of making this little slightly astigmatic pumpkin jack o lantern
from clay.  I am thankful he has survived this long!
Voltive candles from the drugstore are his favorite  food  to burn.
Have a great pumpkin day!

Be well, Sonja

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