Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

                            The  gardenias are in full blossom , what a divine fragrance  they give forth!!

                                                        delicate  cilantro,  lacey and fragrant

Red Chard and Spinach from the yard.
Cut it and come back for more!
Some veggies  fresh off  the  grill, yummo!
       Summer time summer time, my favorite time!
                                                  Happy summer solstice, aloha, sonja

Saturday, May 20, 2017

sunny saturday

I have been in studio preparing for the Haleiwa Art Festival that i do each July. I have juried into for the past 19  plus years so 2017 will be my 20 th show under those white billowing tents. As much as i love blogging, sometimes and for a period of time, i have no words to share,
 other than inner dialogue going on in my head, around and around. 
My hands are talking to my stuff and inner artyself, mostly. 
And just like any painting or quilt or story or piece of work, it simmers and changes and stops/starts and is resolved  in its' own time frame. It is in  this process where i am problem  creating and solving as it flows and if one stimmies me, i shift to another project because perhaps the next step has  just become clear to me by not thinking about it..but in the shift of thought/mind. Interesting. 
Anyone reading this that is a maker might recognize the joy/agony in the making process. Those who are curious about the finished work might gain a bit of  insight knowing that ideas do not come to most of us fully formed but rather in more fits and starts and parts and wrong turns ...
each one informing the next decision/s.
And so it goes; it is a journey for me and the piece is the log, the diary or proof of the documenting processes. It no longer is/it never never was   an idea.... 
the object is more of the sum of many ideas, it is itself, a quilt, a painting ,a story, a cake....a miracle perhaps and at least something that did not exist before.... 

OKAY, here are some of my favorite tools of the trade:
 cloth, paint, brushes, cutters, large work surface, water, small rocks. 
 This is how most of my work beings.
 And with that seed of a inkling of a possible idea begins.
i must add each side track is fun like the
 3 brush containers in the front, 
under the wrapped fabric lurks an empty pint jar that once held my paints/inks.

 love quotes that say to me 
Yes! that is just what i was thinking and someone else has already located 
 and arranged those descriptive words, beautifully !!yea!!

If i am dreaming of creating a quilt using some of my fabric painted cotton 
in every color imaginable, 
i reach for scissors, pins, threads and one of two of my favorite sewing machines,
my Featherweight 221 singer
Noodles  the watch cat  

 or my Bernina 830 record, the old square one.

My current cat assistant and studio investigator, Ruby

I like joining  up fabrics on the FW and quilting free motion on Bernie 
 i have both of them set up in opposite ends in my studio so i can get up and move often.
Also, after machining there is always hand stitching involved and ....
i like to take that outside and sit under a shady tree.

So, do you have favorite tools or helpers in your make spot?
Be well, see well, Sonja

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017

"Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson
 came out the year I left home for a college that was located close to the ocean. i had already read "The Sea Around Us" and had made the (unconscious) decision to leave the high desert of California and seek my way where i could see and smell and play in  the ocean. After reading , and rereading i was not the same in how i looked/felt about the natural world all around me. i say unconscious because it was many years before i actually said out loud that i had
" to get me to the ocean."

In january of 1971 I took a trip to hawaii
 and have lived here ever since, some times near the ocean or in sight of the ocean.
  This morning on a walk up to the mailbox i found several flowers from the plumeria tree lying on the grass beneath the tree, still fresh and fragrant in the morning misty rain.
 i picked them up and  took  in  a  deep  breathe  of what home smells like to me.
Yup, i am a tree hugging earth mama artist that is still excited about nature and all her gifts
 and show no sign  of  changing  my  attitude  anytime  soon.
 i hope i will always notice the beauty and fragile nature surrounding us.
And to be grateful and kind to mother nature.

be well, see well, sonja

Friday, April 7, 2017

Fridays Feathers ...and things i have seen

                                                                   bird motherhood

                                                        little eggs of felt sewn

                                                       a sunset through the screen
a sun setting in the sea

these are some of the things today i have seen

There is often a poetry in the things i see.
Some things are hard to reduce to words.

what did you see that made you ......
be well, Sonja 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

wordless wednesday #2 2017


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

valentine greetings

The poinsettia of Christmas past offered up this one leaf 
 i pressed in an old phone book for a few days.
 When i picked up the book, it fluttered out from between the pages,
softly. Itis almost heart shaped to me so it  has the possibility to lead me to valentine's day thoughts
and i am maker after all...the anthurium is definately heart shaped .
she is still blooming  

 and glowing in the sunset 

Ted Mundorff  painted tropical flowers in the 1940's
that i have a  great fondness for.  I have collected and framed some.

they remind me of hearts and so i share them today on St Valentine's Day.
I have already eaten all the conversation heart candies so i won't be sharing those with anyone this year, again.
I also collect vintage postcards and some of them are Valentines. 
Some a sugary sweet and some funny! Some are silly and i remember the ones we gave to our grade school classmates back in the day when we were much younger and only wrote with pencils!

another leaf that blew in  the yard in the shape of  a heart

now for some dark humor...

Well, this one made me laugh!
Be well, see better, sonja

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

wordless wednesday #1 of 2017

Joni Mitchell's  "Clouds"

look up 
look down
be well

Thursday, January 12, 2017

thoughtful Thursday

thoughtful Thursday          

 So Thursdays are as good as any day to be thoughtful. i have many thoughts daily
  that stop me in my tracks, some that start me to ponder and just like the sound
 of  and  although i am thoughtful daily many times, i like to zero in some days on 
  something i am mentally chewing on. 
Thoughtful might mean i see/think something
  but put no out loud words to it to anyone, so i  chew on it mentally. 
This Thursday i am wondering how i spend my energy and try to balance it, 
  as  not to  give it away in anger, frustration, etc... 
  and rather to  spend it with more wisdom like compassion
 anhow that just might make a difference in my day and attitude.
java rice sparrow

"Be aware of wonder.
 Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and 
draw and paint
 and sing and dance
 and play and work every day some."
 Robert Fulghum 

 What wise words !
Be well, Sonja

Monday, January 9, 2017

How i get unstuck in my art works...

 when i get stuck 
 i do one of several things to get back on track: breathe deeply, stretch like my cat Ruby,
walk away, walk in the yard and see what nature has made and pay attention as there is always something newly sprouted, bloomed, withered, dropped as in a blue and lime green feather in the driveway today.
get a glass of cool water, stare at the horizon, take out the trash to recycle bin, make a salad, eat a peach, wash my face, check the snail mail wonder i say art is not a straight one  but a wondrous meandering line through the day!  Now i can go back to the task at had with fresh eyes, attitude, and an oxygenated brain!
If that doesn't perk me up, i get an sun ice tea and approach another piece of work i have started to see if the next step is ready to Freddy! ideas need time to simmer.mostly.
This simmering process takes as long as it needs and wears no watch ....  
Oh ,making a birthday card for a friend is also a mini vacation, as i think of the things we have shared and i have the time to be grateful we met and are still fond of each other.
(In January before i put the old calendar aside, i copy over birthday dates to the new year!!)

So, I find the shifting of thought/seeing/doing/non doing/body movement/still, a change of perception/direction helpful
 for my creative self to move on.

I call this photo "What if I..."
(sorry i don't know who to credit)

Happy New Year 2017!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years day in the morning...

A new year, a new day dawns.
I wish you a year of wonder, peace and bright moments
 that become the memories you cherish.
 be well, Sonja

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Starting to look a lot like Christmas ....

Are you ready? I'm not.
Baking to be done soon, 
shopping for the ingredients even sooner
 if tomorrow is not too late? 

and still i roam about the yard and select and collect  flowers and leaves
 to help me celebrate and share  the joy of the season.
 I make these floral arrangements and think they might be the Christmas card of  the year after arranged and photographed and cropped and printed and addressed and stamped and sent,
so far they are in the camera and in a photo place in computer.

Then i come across a poinsettia that made it through the year and is now re-blooming
 in spite of the fact that i only cut it back once.
Red is so red this time of year!!

 Then there are the painted fabric Santa figures of fabric i call old Nicks.
I have made these for about 30 years now since i found their likeness pleasing to me
 in an early American folk art style. I put them out yearly
 and sometimes the white Santa stays out all year.

This year i drew, painted, quilted and sewed up some pillows featuring the
 Monstera leaves .The above is the painting before the quilting. 

Strawberry guavas and leaves 
in the Christmas colors minus the snow! 

Soon i will be baking and  
sharing  my apple crisp from the Tassajara  bread book 
from the 1970s
 with lots of fruit and nuts and ginger and spices
 as i like to improvise as i make food depending on what is in the pantry and fridge,in season, 
 and  on the counter.
And don't forget the whipping cream!!

A vintage Hawaiian print of anthuriums  

Be most  well and have a happy and  healthy holiday season wherever  you are!
aloha, sonja