Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

                            The  gardenias are in full blossom , what a divine fragrance  they give forth!!

                                                        delicate  cilantro,  lacey and fragrant

Red Chard and Spinach from the yard.
Cut it and come back for more!
Some veggies  fresh off  the  grill, yummo!
       Summer time summer time, my favorite time!
                                                  Happy summer solstice, aloha, sonja


LA Paylor said...

colors, and scent. Gardenias... Oh gardenias smell so sweet. I miss orange blossoms and gardenias of my native Florida. Not much smells good in Maryland... too close to DC I guess.

sonja said...

Our mock orange hedge is blossoming again.
I love that the olfactory sense recalls memories of childhood
and bright moments!