Wednesday, April 27, 2016

time out for a little art

Last week i had a few ladies up for a visit and had art supplies handy as they had  an interest in making from cloth some prayer flags, in the mood of some displayed in my studio,
 an assortment of flags I exchanged some time ago in a online art group.

The morning gave us a rainbow greeting!

i had tools for coloring, marking and hand stitching flags available.
As we sat around my painting table we shared stories and light refreshments.  

~Jan and Ilona dressed for fun and paint~

One lady had to leave early and left her flags to dry in the salty air!
A nice start I would say!

These flags, dedicated to loved ones, 
may not be done yet. Perhaps more contrast 
between thread and cloth, plus embellishment....i'll have to wait and see!

You must have rain to have rainbows!
be well, see well, sonja  


LA Paylor said...

lovely time you had
I think this is just what's called for around here. I can do a series of flags to hang outside to bring blessings on a neighborhood that needs some prayers. Thanks Sonja... inspiring from a distance

sonja said...

just thinking of your experimental fabrics as the base then ad you good vibes and fun embellishments. i paint my chopsticks if making a single one or ripped strips for a lot of them . NO RuleS! my stora art fun. and a break from larger pieces.

Sherrie Spangler said...

It looks like you had a perfect day! Fun in the sun with paint and friends.

Nancy said...

You know I love these! What a wonderful and playful project to share a day over. The hand stitching adds so much interest and texture, and the stringed bottoms will wave in the breezes. Lovely!

sonja said...

Mahalo Sherrie and Nancy for your kind comments.
"My friend the answer is blowin' in the wind..."
came to mind as i painted and stitched next flag, as i often sing as i play!