Saturday, March 31, 2012

atc art spring 2012


Red was the prompt for Feb in the ATC exchange with  artsinthecards folk.
 my mind went  directly to the comb of a rooster,
in fact, Peaches the rooster that shared 5 years with us was y model.
 one of the redest reds i have  ever seen was the afternoon sun shining through the
 comb of the rooster.
 i drew and painted the head. next some layering  and quilting.  a sky blue background made me happy. after i scanned and printed 9 rooster heads on cardstock i had lost some
 of the vibrant color i  wanted.
out came colored pencils and more paint.
still not there,
i turned over the pieces and embossed the comb with a stylus tool to ad demension.  
 lastly, i added  a bit of golden glitz into the neck feathers to show shimmer of light.  


the prompt for March was Lime.

 i have a citrus tree that has lime scented leaves that i believe to be a rough lemon or what i call
 a lumpy lemon. see photo below.
 then there is that song about de lime in de coconut and call me in the a m ...
now i can't get that image or tune out of my mind. i sketched an assortment of slices quickly as
not to overthink this little project.
 then i get out  some paints of yellow and blue
and plain muslin fabric and lightly draw simple arcs for the lime skins
. painting very loose, i reach my bliss.
(and this is why i paint afer all!)
 after the paint is dry i quilt in some slices segrments. the blue between gets tiny circles quilted, and a few cards get seed beads sewn on for dewy drops beore the envelope captures them.
some did not. i also put in one real leaf because i love the fragrance. i sent one leaf  to New Zealand where lime-sniffng inpectors found me out and held up the mail. for weeks.
note to self: do not repeat that leaf sending out of USA if real !
 and in the very last shot at the  bottom  

 having  turned a  card on its side  i now  see a Lime in a bikini!
 you never know where art will lead you but it makes me happy today!
be well!

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